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Kenneth Czapla
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Ken Czapla

Postdoctoral Scholar, Earth System Science
My research combines biogeochemical and molecular techniques to answer questions about how microbes transform nitrogen and carbon in the environment, and how site-specific factors and human impacts may alter these transformation processes. My research at Stanford is focused on how the microbial communities in San Francisco Bay’s benthic sediments process high levels of nitrogen primarily from wastewater sources. Findings from this work will be used to calibrate a nitrogen removal model that may inform management decisions about nitrogen inputs to the bay. Shortly before arriving at Stanford in August 2020, I completed my Ph.D. at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (William & Mary) with a dissertation on the impacts of fertilization on salt marsh carbon accumulation, nitrogen removal, and resilience to sea level rise.


Bachelor of Science, Millersville Univ Of Pennsylvania (2008)
Doctor of Philosophy, College of William and Mary (2020)
Ph.D., Virginia Institute of Marine Science (William & Mary), Coastal Biogeochemistry (2020)
B.S., Millersville University, Biology (minor in chemistry) (2008)