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(left to right) Jessica Bullington (PhD student, started Fall 2021), Bradley Tolar (Postdoctoral Research Scientist), Anna Rasmussen (PhD student, started Fall 2016), Ben Shapero (PhD student, started Fall 2020), Ken Czapla (postdoc, started Summer 2020), and Chris Francis. Photo: November 2021

Group photo

(left to right): Shellie Bench (former postdoc), Jessica Lee (former PhD student; now Scientist, Space Biosciences Research Branch, NASA Ames), Emily Cardarelli (former PhD student; now postdoc at JPL), Bradley Tolar (postdoc), Julian Damashek (former PhD student, now Assistant Professor, Utica College), Chris Francis, and Linta Reji (former PhD student; now postdoc, Princeton University). Photo: February 2015
Group photo

Front Row (left to right) : Chris Francis, Alyson Santoro (currently Associate Professor, UC Santa Barbara), Samantha Ying (currently Assistant Professor, UC Riverside), Mike Beman (currently Associate Professor, UC Merced); Back Row: Colleen Hansel (currently Senior Scientist, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution), Scott Wankel (currently Associate Scientist w/ Tenure, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution), Annika Mosier (currently Assistant Professor, University of Colorado Denver), George Wells (currently Associate Professor, Northwestern University). Photo: October 2006.