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(left to right) Jessica Bullington (PhD student, started Fall 2021), Bradley Tolar (Postdoctoral Research Scientist; now Assistant Professor, UNC-Wilmington), Anna Rasmussen (PhD student, started Fall 2016; now Postdoctoral Fellow, started Fall 2022)), Ben Shapero (PhD student, started Fall 2020), Ken Czapla (postdoc, started Summer 2020), and Chris Francis. Not pictured: Katie Langenfeld (postdoc, started January 2022). Photo: November 2021

Group photo

(left to right): Shellie Bench (former postdoc), Jessica Lee (former PhD student; now Scientist, Space Biosciences Research Branch, NASA Ames), Emily Cardarelli (former PhD student; now postdoc at JPL), Bradley Tolar (postdoc), Julian Damashek (former PhD student, now Assistant Professor, Utica College), Chris Francis, and Linta Reji (former PhD student; now postdoc, Princeton University). Photo: February 2015
Group photo

Front Row (left to right) : Chris Francis, Alyson Santoro (currently Associate Professor, UC Santa Barbara), Samantha Ying (currently Assistant Professor, UC Riverside), Mike Beman (currently Associate Professor, UC Merced); Back Row: Colleen Hansel (currently Senior Scientist, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution), Scott Wankel (currently Associate Scientist w/ Tenure, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution), Annika Mosier (currently Associate Professor, University of Colorado Denver), George Wells (currently Associate Professor, Northwestern University). Photo: October 2006.